Welcome to M.O. Body and Birth: where self-care is an investment in your health and future. 

-melissa olson-

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My philosophy:

You have one body and how you care for it influences every aspect of your life: from your ability to put in the mental and physical effort needed at work to your available energy in being present for your family and how much you have left at the end of day to give to your community. 

Proper wellness is the result of including educated and professional experts that can help you achieve your optimal health. This self-care should never be considered an indulgence or luxury; we all deserve to feel our best. I would love to be a part of your wellness team. 

As a licensed massage therapist I can address anxiety, stress, daily aches and pains, chronic issues from injury or trauma, and more. As a certified health coach and doula (not currently taking new clients) I love working with pregnant women in helping them achieve their birth and nutrition goals.